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    Spindle drives for maximum loads

    The IEF positioning units with spindle drive of profiLINE series were developed to combine the excellent features of a linear axis with the characteristics of a precision slide. These features combine large strokes with high precision at high loads. Here, the sophisticated and known IEF modular construction is applied as well.

    Positioning systems with spindle drives enable high feed forces and can move heavy loads. They are particularly suitable for high demands on positioning and repeat accuracy. In many industries, our proven linear axes with spindle drive have been successfully used for years as ready-to-install modules and are mostly used in handling technology and factory automation.

    Features profiLINE 50 | 70

    • ground slide parts made of tool steel ensure high system accuracy
    • central lubrication connection to increase durability in a servie-friendly manner

    Features profiLINE 115 | 140 | 200

    • processed aluminium profile with profile rail guides lead to a stiff guide system with high load ratings and high process accuracies
    • cover by means of profile cap and sealing lip system permits a closed system without stroke loss
    • different spindle pitches allow optimal adjustments to the customer's applications

    Max. admissible spindle rotating speed

  • Video: Functionality of the spindle drive

    Video: Functionality of the spindle drive

    Functionality of the spindle drive | IEF-Werner

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  • Your individual linear system in just a few steps

    Your individual linear system in just a few steps

    The selection of a suitable linear system is based on various factors:

    •  Dynamics (cycle time)
    •  load (availability)
    •  moving mass (payload)
    •  repeat accuracy
    •  environmental conditions at the place of use

    The new online tool supports you in configuring and requesting your linear system. With just a few clicks, you can adapt the linear system specifically to your requirements and send an enquiry to our sales team.

Linear drives

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Linear drives

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Linear drives

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