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In 6 steps to the palletising system with the online inquiry configurator

The IEF-palletiser system is extremely versatile. A great number of optional components make it possible to adapt the IEF-palletiser system to your desires almost as needed. Therefore, it is important not to lose track.

The online tool supports you in configuring and requesting your palletising system. With just a few clicks, you can adapt the palletising system specifically to your requirements and send an enquiry to our sales team.

Our latest products

Linear drives with meltal strip cover | IEF-Werner

Linear drives with metal strip cover

The metal strip offers protection against incoming dirt or particles and prevents releasing particles into the environment of the linear unit. An excerpt of the linear drives was developed by the Fraunhofer IPA and certified (DIN EN ISO 14644-1). Application areas up to ISO class 1 are possible.

Servo press aiPRESS 100 | IEF-Werner

Servo press aiPRESS 100

The new system presses components with a force of up to 100 kN safely and reproducibly. A repeat accuracy of a few micrometres is achieved - automatically.

Multi-shaft palletiser varioSTACK | IEF-Werner

Multi-shaft palletiser

They offer many new possibilities:

  • extension of the autonomy buffer
  • NOK parts can be deposited separately
  • processing of raw and finished parts possible without intermixing
  • several product variants can be processed simultaneously

More Products: excerpt from our three product areas

Manuelle Versteller domiLINE | IEF-Werner


This adjustment slide system domiLINE made of aluminium satisfies any individual requirement. Four slide widths are available as standard sizes.



The open and modular palletising system can be used for diverse task formulations. The varioSTACK can be adapted to different tray sizes - especially to pallets in the quarter or eighth euro dimension.

Customer Applications
 X-Y unit with rotary table DT 80/100 | IEF-Werner

X-Y unit with rotary table DT 80/100

Rotary unit for assembling and adjusting the smallest components in microsystems technology or electronics.

Application example swivel arm module miniSPIN

Part inspection incl. binning (o.k. / n.o.k. shelf)

  • Transfer and inspection in the same movement
  • Inspection of the underside of the part possible by turning the spindle sleeve
  • Different deposit heights and deposit angles




Linear units for your application

With the TraceParts component library, you can download the CAD models of our linear units free of charge and conveniently and use them directly for your design. This enables you to quickly and easily get a realistic picture of your future system.



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