Our values

For many centuries tradition and craft have formed the leading basis for the creation of demanding values, such as reliability, appreciation and openness in the Black Forest.

We guarantee these values: As project partner, as employer, as customer and as supplier. For over 40 years IEF-Werner represents engagement for customers through flexibility and team spirit, ingenuity that creates innovation as well as a high quality standard. Thanks to our pronounced values we possess a remarkably low fluctuation rate and an exceptional high number of long-term established customers. These are the preconditions to turn our success into your success.

  • Reliability
    We always fulfil our tasks and services subject to your instructions, proactively and at the agreed date. According to the principle of the chain, the weakest member determinates the quality of work. Our chain is reliable, innovative, stable and fail-safe. We do not only follow the standards of our quality management system by ISO 9001:2015, we live it. So we can guarantee consistently high quality.
  • Appreciation
    In absolute appreciation we respect people as independent creatures with decision-making abilities, with own feelings and experiences. We support our employees purposefully. Regular feedback talks with target agreements and career perspectives help to identify the high potential of our employees, to use it and to retain them at the company for the long term.
  • Openness
    For us, to be open means, to be open-minded about new and different ways. Thus, openness is our spiritual principle that motivates us to constantly learn and to expand our competencies reflectively. At IEF, creativity is actively practiced and experiences new dimensions again and again. We knowingly create exceptional perspectives to discover something new. That is the only way to meet the customer's requirements right from the start.

Code of Conduct

We are very mindful of our role as a responsible member of society and of our responsibility to customers, business partners, and employees. We take these responsibilities very seriously. We are therefore committed to the principles of conduct that such an awareness compels us to embrace. These principles form the basis for our entrepreneurial activities and social conduct.

Declaration of Principles on Respect for Human Rights

At INDUS, each subsidiary pursues its own path. What they all have in common, however, is their understanding of values. Sustainable action is based on balancing the three pillars: economy, ecology and social issues.
With this policy statement on the Human Rights Strategy, we reaffirm our commitment to respecting human rights as laid down in

  • The International Bill of Human Rights,
  • the International Labour Organisation's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and
  • the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

This declaration complements and concretises our Code of Conduct on Human Rights and Good Working Conditions.