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Deckblatt Broschüre Radmessmaschine R2010 | IEF-Werner GmbH

Wheel Gauging Machine R2010

The patented IEF wheel gauging machines were developed to measure geometric features at car wheels.

Screenshot Broschüre Zahnriemenantriebe | IEF-Werner GmbH

Toothed belt drives

Linear units with belt drive enable you to efficiently and cost-effectively solve your handling task.

Screenshot Broschüre Auslegerachsen | IEF-Werner GmbH

Cantilever axes

The cantilever axes are specialized linear units for vertical or horizontal operation. Their biggest advantage is the fixed engine.

Screenshot Broschüre Manuelle Versteller domiLINE | IEF-Werner GmbH

Manual Adjusters domiLINE

Countless variants of flexible devices can be realised with the manual adjustment unit domiLINE. These devices are usually built into machines or plants which are converted very often – or they are used in laboratories. It does not matter where the adjustment unit is used, it is always a useful assistant.

Positioning systems | Spindle, toothed belt, direct drives, cantilever axes

Users of positioning systems appreciate individual complete solutions. Because these are quickly put into operation and ready for production - and thus save time and costs.


In modern assembly systems, an orderly and careful transfer of the workpieces is required. Also often an intermediate buffering is needed. The robust IEF palletising systems are designed for flexible factory automation and on-demand material flow.

Spindle drives

The profiLINE series spindle-driven IEF positioning units are designed to provide the excellent characteristics of a linear axis to connect with the characters of a precision carriage.

Direct drives

The linear actuators of the euroLINE series with integrated linear motor, position measuring system and guide are a ready-to-install system with low design effort. Even several independent motors on one guide are possible.

Servo Press aiPRESS | Automatically press intelligently

aiPRESS servo presses serve to produce secure and reproducible joint connections.

Screenshot Broschüre Steuerungen | IEF-Werner GmbH

Control technology

IEF-Werner sets standards in terms of price, performance and functionality with a new generation of the thousandfold proven PA-CONTROL Touch control.

Screenshot Broschüre Produktübersicht | IEF-Werner GmbH

Product Overview

Finding clever ideas is no coincidence at IEF-Werner. It is the result of over 40 years of experience in the manufacture of modular components and applications. This creative process is ensured daily by more than 165 employees. Our modular components enable the realization of customized machines in the shortest possible time.

Screenshot Broschüre Transportsystem posyART | IEF-Werner GmbH

Workpiece carrier transport system posyART

With posyART you realize your individual process chaining. For this purpose, IEF-Werner offers a clearly structured modular system for system configuration tailored to your requirements.

Screenshot Broschüre Drehtische Drehversteller | IEF-Werner GmbH

Manual rotary stages and NC rotary tables

Manual rotary stages and NC rotary tables for different applications - now with a practical hollow shaft. Advantage: A hollow shaft allows the designer additional leeway to accommodate hoses and cables.

Deckblatt Broschüre Neuheiten | IEF-Werner GmbH


Our new products compactly summarized in a brochure.


Screenshot Broschüre Schwenkarmmodule | IEF-Werner GmbH

Swivel arm modules

As a manufacturer of automation solutions, we constantly have to face the challenge of increasing the productivity of our machines. In order to solve these tasks, innovative, flexible and simple automatable components are needed. The miniSPIN and rotaryARM part-turn actuators are ideally suited for fast and precise automation tasks.