Press releases

Desk phone | Gigaset Communications GmbH

Transformation completed

Gigaset Communications GmbH relies on palletising system from IEF-Werner for collaborative application.

Palletiser varioSTACK CF | IEF-Werner

IEF-Werner at Motek 2022: Cleanliness is a must

Motek celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. IEF-Werner GmbH has been an exhibitor from the very beginning.

External parking brake profiLINE 140 | IEF-Werner

Permanently secure in position

IEF-Werner offers parking brake for vertical axes

Sponsored run for the Ukraine  |IEF-Werner

Run for a good cause

IEF-Werner participates in sponsored run of the Robert-Gerwig-School in Furtwangen:

Palletising system varioSTACK | IEF-Werner

Three ways to more freedom

Work even more flexibly with palletising systems from IEF-Werner

enquiry configurator for linear drives | IEF-Werner

Reach your goal much faster

With the new IEF enquiry configurator to customised linear actuators:

Direct drive euroLINE 140 and 200 | IEF-Werner

Cleanliness is ensured

IEF-Werner at Motek 2021:

Multi shaft palletiser | IEF-Werner

More autonomy

IEF-Werner supplies multi-shaft palletisers for uninterrupted processes

Linear drives with metal belt cover for pharmaceutical and medical technology | IEF-Werner

Clean room compatible up to class 1

Linear drives by IEF-Werner with metal belt cover: Clean room compatible up to class 1

IEF-Werner GmbH has expanded its standard programme to include linear drives with metal belt covers. On the one hand, the metal belt protects against incoming dirt or particles and, on the other hand, prevents the release of particles into the environment of the linear unit.

Module 55 ZOM | IEF-Werner

Deviating from the standard

IEF-Werner: 2-axis positioning system for short cycle times