Spindle, toothed belt or direct drives with metal strip cover

The linear actuators with metal strip cover are an extension of the standard programme and includes toothed belt, spindle and direct drives. The metal strip offers protection against incoming dirt or particles and prevents releasing particles into the environment of the linear unit. A corrosion-resistant steel with a smooth surface is used. An excerpt of the linear drives was developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA) and certified (DIN EN ISO 14644-1). The exact test conditions and the design can be found in the certifications.

By using this metal belt cover, the linear unit is encapsulated as far as possible. Possible applications are, for example:

  • Clean rooms according to ISO 14644 from class 1 - 8
  • GMP cleanrooms for pharmaceuticals & medical technology
  • Painting lines or dusty ambient conditions
  • Applications where moving parts have to be covered

Your individual linear system in just a few steps

The selection of a suitable linear system is based on various factors:

  •  Dynamics (cycle time)
  •  load (availability)
  •  moving mass (payload)
  •  repeat accuracy
  •  environmental conditions at the place of use

The new online tool supports you in configuring and requesting your linear system. With just a few clicks, you can adapt the linear system specifically to your requirements and send an enquiry to our sales team.

Linear drives

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Linear drives

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Linear drives

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