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Positioning systems with EX protection

  • Use of positioning systems in potentially explosive environments

    IEF-Werner offers linear units and complete positioning systems for use in potentially explosive environments:

    • In the feed area of painting and coating plants
    • In filling plants
    • Battery cell assembly
    • Sub-areas of assembly lines
    • Etc.
  • Ex-Protection components

    A variety of linear units from IEF Werner's product portfolio can be used for such applications. However, these must be adapted for use in a potentially explosive area:

    • Toothed belts with electrically conductive surface
    • Elastomer couplings in electrically conductive design
    • Energy chains in ESD design
    • Planetary gear and motor with sufficiently high equipment protection level
    • Earthing points on the linear units
    • Production processes with internal production control according to Annex VIII of the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU
  • Operator information

    In addition, the following points must be observed when operating linear units/positioning systems in a potentially explosive environment:

    • Installation of control components outside the hazardous area.
    • Carry out regular maintenance
    • Do not overload linear units (observe input torque, external loads, overhang, etc.)
    • Reducing the travel speed provides additional safety in case of unintentional contact of foreign bodies with the positioning system
    • Do not disconnect live electrical connections
  • What level of equipment protection is achieved?

    II 3G Ex h IIB T4 Gc

    II 3D Ex h IIIB T135°C Dc

  • Explanation type code gas:
  • Explanation type code dust:

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