Axis configuration

The control unit PA-CONTROL is configured using the programme development system WINPAC. Hardware upgrades are detected automatically and the system configuration is adopted. After the fully automatic integration of all connected devices, such as power amplifiers of type LV-servoTEC, into the system configuration, you can immediately start programming. In the basic configuration, a difference is made between the following parameter groups:

  • system parameters
  • axis parameters
  • drive parameters

Programming language of PA-CONTROL is G code, also known as NC code (see also DIN 66025). G-code is easy to learn so that you are able to realise automation tasks with up to 16 drive components independently already after a training period of a few hours.


By the way: A very fast commissioning of your machine can be achieved by using the standard user interface of PA-CONTROL. This can be individually adapted to the functions of your machine by G code. This is an opportunity that is only offered by PA-CONTROL.


Programme editor

Quick programming by clear, well-structured command sets

  • window technology
  • copying function
  • find / replace
  • syntax check

Command overview

A comprehensive, simple to learn NC/PLC command set is available

  • positioning
  • I/O processing
  • monitoring times
  • programme organisation
  • special functions (e.g. measuring mode)
  • processing if ASCII-characters
  • dialogue oriented text input
  • register mapping on outputs and markers
  • computing/comparison operations
  • commands for log. links
  • programme organisations in multitasking
  • CANopen commands for any participants


Programme diagnosis

The diagnosis window can be used to view a programme ONLINE. In separate diagnosis windows, conditions interesting for the user, such as in-/outputs, markers, registers, Profibus DP, string operations, CANopen communication, servo drive optimisation, AD-converters, axis positions, error lists and RS232 can be displayed and changed ONLINE. This diagnosis helps to remove programme errors more quickly and efficiently.

Training concept

1 or 2 day seminars. On request also at your location.