Press releases

Four-shaft palletising system | IEF-Werner

More shafts, more possibilities

IEF-Werner supplies multi-shaft palletisers for uninterrupted processes

Trainee 2020 | IEF-Werner

The perfect start

IEF-Werner takes on apprentices and integrates them into the company:

euroLINE 140 | IEF-Werner

Compact, accurate and very strong

Direct drives: IEF-Werner extends the euroLINE range downwards

Positioning system | IEF-Werner

Six processing steps in a very small space

IEF-Werner develops compact 18-axis positioning system to assemble complex components

Servo press aiPRESS | IEF-Werner

Up to the complete process

IEF-Werner develops fully automatic handling and testing systems for disc springs:

Inquiry configurator | IEF-Werner

Only a few clicks for the optimum

With the new IEF inquiry configurator to the customised palletiser

Module 105 with control PA 3000 | IEF-Werner

A Success Story

40 Years IEF-Werner:

Palletising system for loading and unloading| IEF-Werner

Tested Safety

Palletising system consisting of loading and unloading system creates safe assembly conditions

Farewell to longstanding employees | IEF-Werner

With us almost from the beginning

IEF-Werner bids farewell to four long-standing employees:

Transport system posyART | IEF-Werner

Being Put Perfectly into Position

The transport system posyART of IEF-Werner precisely positions trays to be laser marked: