Modular concept for successful material flow

You will easily realise individual production processes with posyART. IEF-Werner offers herefor a clearly structured modular concept for project planning which is tailored to your requirements. Welded frames form the foundation of the modular construction to ensure stiffness and stability, whilst providing simple and economic assembly. From straight transfer lines between automatic or manual stations to branched transfer systems, everything is possible. Stacked, multi level conveyors also provide for maximising production systems within a minimum floor space.


  • simple assembly, disassembly, maintenance and repair of all modules
  • decoupling of cycle and buffer generation: Flexible organisation of circulation
  • engineering support for optimum solutions (e.g. integration of a customer-specific automatic station)


posyART Transfer line | IEF-Werner

Transfer line

posyART Workpiece carrier | IEF-Werner

Workpiece carrier

posyART Reader head | IEF-Werner

Reader head

posyART Curve 90° | IEF-Werner

Curve 90°

posyART Curve 180° | IEF-Werner

Curve 180°

posyART Switch (redirect / moving in / moving through) | IEF-Werner

Switch (redirect / moving in / moving through)

posyART Switch (moving out / moving through) | IEF-Werner

Switch (moving out / moving through)

posyART Stopping and centering station | IEF-Werner

Stopping and centering station

posyART Passive belt lowering | IEF-Werner

Passive belt lowering

posyART Centering unit with active skipg | IEF-Werner

Centering unit with active skip

posyART Tilting technology | IEF-Werner

Tilting technology

posyART Lifting unit | IEF-Werner

Lifting unit

posyART Lift-out station | IEF-Werner

Lift-out station

posyART Rotary lifting station | IEF-Werner

Rotary lifting station

posyART Lateral positioning | IEF-Werner

Lateral positioning

posyART Clamping element | IEF-Werner

Clamping element

posyART Manual work station | IEF-Werner

Manual work station

posyART Up-down level assembly | IEF-Werner

Up-down level assembly

posyART Control technology | IEF-Werner

Control technology