• Product type: Customer applications

For mounting and adjusting the smallest components

  • Application

    Assembling and adjusting the smallest components in microsystems technology or electronics requires positioning systems, that can reach positions with µm precision and execute exact movements. Applications include the adjustment of small and micro parts under test stands.

    The X- and Y-axis can be equipped with a stroke of up to 40 mm each. The rotary movement is unlimited.

    The X-Y rotary table is designed as a hollow shaft through which a camera can observe the parts. The hollow shaft is also ideally suited for inspection processes where transmitted light is required.


  • Technical details DT 80/100
    • axial resilience: up to 1000 N
    • torque: up to 20 Nm
    • output speed: 70 rpm
    transmission 40:1
    max. input speed 2800 rpm
    max. output speed 70 rpm
    max. input torque 1.25 Nm
    max. output torque 20 Nm
    concentricity 0.02 mm
    axial run-out 0.02 mm
    reverse play ± 0.05°
    max. tipping torque 20 Nm
    max. centric power intake in standstill 1000 N
    necessary breakaway torque 0.05 Nm
    max. external mass inertia 300 kgcm²
    weight without accessories 1.41 kg