Set up a joining process in 30 seconds!

Do you want to see how easy it is to program an aiPRESS? On our micosite, we show an example where you can see how easy it is to set up the aiPRESS servo press. You also get many more technical information about our proven system.

aiPRESS | automatic intelligent pressing

Servo press aiPRESS 3kN | IEF-Werner


  • Force range: up to 3 kN
  • Stroke: 75 mm
  • Workspace: 180 mm
  • Outreach: 45 mm
  • Operating speed: 150 mm / s


Servo press aiPRESS 15kN | IEF-Werner

aiPRESS 15

  • Force range: up to 15 kN
  • Stroke: 125 mm
  • Workspace: 230 mm
  • Outreach: 55 mm
  • Operating speed: 150 mm / s


Servo press aiPRESS 36kN | IEF-Werner

aiPRESS 36

  • Force range: up to 36 kN
  • Stroke: 175 mm
  • Workspace: 280 mm
  • Outreach: 65 mm
  • Operating speed: 150 mm / s


Servo press aiPRESS 100 kN | IEF-Werner

aiPRESS 100

  • Force range: up to 100 kN
  • Stroke: 200 mm
  • Workspace: 350 mm
  • Outreach: 84 mm
  • Operating speed: 85 mm / s

aiPRESS | Joining Modules

aiPRESS 3 JM | IEF-Werner


  • Force range: up to 3 kN
  • Stroke: 75 mm
  • Total height: 461,5 mm
  • Operating speed: 150 mm / s
aiPRESS 15 JM | IEF-Werner


  • Force range: up to 15 kN
  • Stroke: 125 mm
  • Total height: 639 mm
  • Operating speed : 150 mm / s
aiPRESS 36 JM | IEF-Werner


  • Force range: up to 36 kN
  • Stroke: 175 mm
  • Total height: 814 mm
  • Operating speed: 150 mm / s

...for high-precision joining connections

aiPRESS servo presses are used to produce safe and reproduceable joinings. They offer optimal possibilities in customising the joining process to your needs. Process factors such as feed force, running speed, positioning time and accuracy can be adapted precisely by using a large number of optional components.

aiPRESS servo presses are serially equipped with monitor, keyboard with mouse as well as compact control cabinet with pluggable cable set. Optionally, the system can be amended with a high-quality multitouch user panel inclusive holder.

A concept that has been well proven: More than 600 IEF servo presses work reliably around the world - in rough industrial environments.


aiPRESS JM-Joining Modules to be Integrated into Your Special Machine

You can realise your own, high-precision joining processes quickly and effectively yourself with the servomotor joining modules aiPRESS JM by IEF-Werner.

The joining modules can be installed in any orientation (e.g., upside down). The integration into your machine control system takes place via an interface to the most common development platforms or simply via the proven press control aiQ-CONTROL.

aiQ-CONTROL enabled complete monitoring and control of press-fit or joining processes. All systems and accessory components of the aiPRESS family (such as aiLIGHT, aiQ-CONTROL) are extremely user-friendly and offer a high degree of flexibility for simple to highly complex joining processes. IEF-Werner joining modules are typically used in fully automated handling and assembly lines, e.g. as a joining station within a posyART transport system.

The joining modules are produced from our standard components, which are in stock and therefore we guarantee a fast delivery.


  • Control system with graphical user interface (curves, windows and force-distance barriers)
  • Position measuring system with repeat accuracy < 0.002 mm
  • Compressed air / vacuum supply directly to the press quill
  • Small size
  • High travel speed up to 150 mm / s
  • Force ranges up to 36 kN