Positioning systems

xy unit with rotary table DT 80/100 | IEF-Werner

DT 80/100

Rotary unit for assembling and adjusting the smallest components in microsystems technology or electronics.

18-axis positioning system for mounting sensors | IEF-Werner

euroLINE 170 | profiLINE 140

18-axis positioning system used for mounting sensors.

Positioning system für solar cells | IEF-Werner

Module 160/15 G

6-axis positioning system for the handling of sensitive solar cells

Positioning system Module 160/15 GPA | IEF-Werner

Module 160/15 GPA

Operation of two surface gantry systems within the same workspace

Positioning system AL 2/15 & AL 2/16 | IEF-Werner

AL 2/15 & AL 2/16

2-axis positioning system for short cycle times

Positioning systems Module 160/15 C | IEF-Werner

Module 160/15 C

Toothed belt axis with reduced construction length for small construction spaces

Positioning system Module 80/15 ZR 10 | IEF-Werner

Module 80/15 ZR 10

Toothed belt axis for high loads and short cycle times

Positioning system EX protection | IEF-Werner


Positioning systems for use in potentially explosive environments

Positioning system EL 2/1 | IEF-Werner

EL 2/1

2-axis positioning systems for handling of flat small parts

Positioning system Stainless steel design | IEF-Werner

Stainless steel design

3-axis positioning systems in stainless steel design

Positioning system Angle adjustment | IEF-Werner

Angle adjustment

3-axis positioning systems for pad printing systems