The H-Portal is a cartesian positioning system, that is available in 3 different expansion stages. All motors of this positioning system are fastened stationary.





There are 3 different expansion stages of the H-portal

  • X/Y-System
    The X/Y system is based on the proven linear units Module 80/15 and Module 115/42 or Module 115/42 B. They form the base of the H-Portal.
  • X/Y/Z-System
    The X/Y/Z system can be expanded to a gantry with the linear unit Module 60/33.
  • X/Y/Z/W-System
    An optional turning unit at the Z-axis is available for demanding positioning tasks.


Description of function

The belt in the X/Y-system is arranged in an H-shape. The movements in X and Y-direction are realised by one belt. The belt is fixed at the slide of the Y-axis. The drive takes place at one of the 180°-deflections at the X-axis. For a drive in X-direction, both motors have to be turned exactly oppositely, in Y-direction both
motors have to be turned synchronously. If one motor stands still, the system drives under 45°. The movements of X and Y are therefore dependent on both motors.


Technical data

stroke X (stroke increments 75 mm) 100 - 1525 mm
stroke Y (stroke increments 60 mm) 100 - 700 mm
stroke Z (stroke increments 40 mm) 110 - 550 mm
weight X/Y/Z system approx. 50 kg
moved mass X/Y/Z system in X/Y/Z direction 30 / 13.5 / 5 kg
moved mass X/Y system in X/Y direction 21 / 4.5 kg
weight increase per 100 mm stroke Y-axis 0.95 kg
weight increase per 100 mm stroke Z-axis 0.6 kg
recommended handling weight 4 kg
repeat accuracy +/- 0.05 mm
infeed constant without gear X/Y 140 mm / turn
infeed constant without gear Z 160 mm / turn
recommended size servo motor AM8032


  • no cables or motors are moved when driving the axes
  • smaller moved mass to lower circle times
  • no cable wear
  • time and cost saving construction by foregoing an expensive energy supply system
  • space saving
  • Fast an simple commissioning with the PA-CONTROL ipo
  • assembly of client specific motors on demand

H-Portal - Accessories

Clamping elements

Levelling elements

These elements are ideal for the levelling of assembly surfaces which cannot be mechanically processed or only with great  effort. You can find more information and helpful tutorials here.


Mounting angle with levelling plate