IEF-Werner at Motek 2021:

IEF-Werner has equipped the direct drives euroLINE 140 and 200 with a metal belt cover.

he individual linear drives can be combined to form multi-axis systems with metal belt covers.

domiLINE: The user can easily combine the adjustment slides without having to screw the individual elements together.

The four sizes of the aiPRESS series.

Cleanliness is ensured

In 2020, the Corona virus paralysed trade fair life worldwide. This year, things are slowly picking up again, and IEF-Werner GmbH will be there too. From October 5th to 8th, the Motek will take place in Stuttgart. A good opportunity to present the latest developments to trade visitors. For example, the automation specialist has equipped selected linear units from its range with a metal belt cover to ensure a high level of cleanroom suitability.

Furtwangen, 30.08.2021 – The demands on the cleanliness of linear units have increased significantly in recent years - especially for users in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries. Here, these components provide parts for production in an increasingly clean environment or pick them up again for further processing steps. The metal belt cover on the linear drives protects against the ingress of dirt or particles on the one hand and prevents the release of particles into the environment on the other. This makes the drives suitable for clean rooms according to ISO 14644-1 from class 1 to 8, which has been tested and certified by the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation.

IEF-Werner's aiPRESS series of servo presses is designed to press components with an accuracy of a few micrometres - automatically. Users can integrate the flexibly designed systems both in automated production lines and in manual workstations. For this purpose, the presses have several standardised software or simple I/O interfaces. The smallest version of this series has a force of three kilonewtons with an opening of 180 millimetres. IEF-Werner has extended the series upwards: the far more massive version with a weight of about 650 kilograms can now also press larger components with an opening of 350 millimetres with a force of up to 100 kilonewtons and a repeat accuracy of a few micrometres.

At Motek, IEF-Werner will also be presenting a gantry system with the toothed belt axis module 115/25. The automation specialist is thus demonstrating the handling of pallets with the aid of a large gantry system. The basic body of the module is characterised in particular by high bending and torsional rigidity. This allows designers to implement large spans - and that is precisely what is advantageous when building gantry systems. Even with high loads and large strokes, no additional support structures are required. In addition to the cost reduction, users benefit above all from the faster assembly of the system compared to alternative solutions. Strokes of up to 6.5 metres can be realised. The linear unit is available in stroke increments of 60 millimetres each.

Trade visitors can also find out about the domiLINE adjustment unit in Stuttgart. Using this proven adjustment slide, measuring systems, for example, can be moved manually to any possible position. The domiLINE adjustment unit has a modular design and can be easily converted. With slide widths of 30, 50, 80 and 120 millimetres, the user is very flexible. For the smallest version, for example, four different strokes of five to 20 millimetres each are available from stock, for the largest from 25 to 100 millimetres. The user can not only connect slides to each other, but also to manual turning units. For this purpose, IEF-Werner has the MDV series in its range, which is available in four sizes. The smallest version has a diameter of 55 millimetres, the largest a rectangular cross-section of 100 x 140 millimetres. The backlash of the worm gearing is adjustable and already optimally reduced to a minimum at the factory. For the user, this means even higher positioning repeatability.

IEF-Werner at the Motek, Hall 5, Booth 5220

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