Lab wheel gauging machine R2010

The patented R2010 wheel measuring machine was developed to measure geometric features at car wheels. It combines the function of measuring value recording, measuring process, calculation and illustration of the measured features in a single device. The wheel measuring machine R2010 designed like a SPC system (static process control) for the measuring lab is suitable for wheels, rims and dishes. Mechanics, electronics and software are built in modules and configured individually according to customer's specification. The individual components are set perfectly for each customer by integration of state-of-the-art technical developments from the areas of information technology, optics, laser and drive technology. The shortest measuring times at the highest precision and repeat accuracy will be achieved by using IEF linear modules with innovative drive technology. Calibration of the wheel measuring machine takes place by setting master.


  • for steel and alloy wheels
  • modular and compact construction
  • optimal accessibility
  • manual or automatic loading and unloading
  • fully automatic positioning of the measuring heads

Excerpt features catalogue

  • radial runouts / axial runouts
  • 1st - 10th harmonious analysis (Fourier analysis) of the concentricity/axial runout
  • rim width
  • offset
  • diameter / circumference
  • centre hole diameter (option)
  • hump circumference / hump height
  • flange width / flange height
  • material thicknesses
  • bolt hole position and geometry
  • flatness of attachment face
  • panel characteristics (dish)

Technical data

diameter 13“ - 20“ (option 14“ - 24“)
rim width 3 1/2 - 12“
offset -30 - 120 mm
centre hole diameter 52 - 90 mm (others on request)
wheel weight max. 40 kg
electrical connection 400 VAC
pneumatical connection 5.5 bar, dry and oil-free
PC Industrial PC, Windows, software PLC

Evaluation classes

  • single measurement
  • trend curve
  • Sample statistic / part statistic
  • control cart/frequency distribution
  • harmonics (Fourier Analysis)
  • transducer graph
  • bolthole position
  • matchpoint calculation
  • interface to QM system


  • marking unit for the matchpoint

Your consultant:

Giuseppe Morreale
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