Transfer line

Technical data

max. route length with one drive 4000 mm
max. track width 400 mm (others on request)
belt speed 6, 8, 13 or 16 m/min (others on request)
max. workpiece carrier load 200 N
max. drive load per belt route (flat belt) 400 N (SIMPLEX) / 750 N (DUPLEX)
max. drive load per belt route (toothed belt) 650 N (SIMPLEX) / 1200 N (DUPLEX)
belt designn flat belt TT5/1 (antistatic), toothed belt strap 20AT5 PAR-PAZ
connection conditions pneumatics 4-6 bar oiled or unoiled cleaned air
rated output 45 - 180 W
rated voltage 230 / 400 V
frequency 50 Hz
protective class IP 55


  • flat or toothed belt
  • design as simple (SIMPLEX) or double (DUPLEX) belt route
  • variable transport height
  • at longer lengths, several powered posyART-routes may be coupled easily
  • a drive set can be applied at any location of the posyART route and can be moved subsequently as well
  • the profile contains grooves in dovetail shape, where all accessories such as sensor, spacers, etc. can be installed precisely at any location.
  • 75% shorter belt change time by using customised belts; this reduces machine downtimes


  • as an independent assembly
  • in connection with other posyART assemblies
  • in connection with customer-specific components