The smallSTACK palletiser is a modular, standardised and economic system in the area of small pallet handling. Orderly supply of sensitive and small parts is very important in the producing industry. Pallets can be separated from a supply stack, provided for loading or unloading and unstacked again. Pallets are always loaded and unloaded manually.


  • serial palletiser processes following JEDEC pallets, length : 322.6 mm x width: 136 mm x height: 5 mm ... 30 mm
  • can be adjusted to different special pallet formats up to 360 x 240 mm x 30 mm
  • needs only 0.1 m² usage area
  • highly precise pallet positioning at the acceptance position
  • simple connection to the operating system by insert concept


  • large-area pallet support in processing position
  • integrated product handling
  • trays can be cycled for processing via a NC-axis
  • can be delivered without control, Profibus-connection present
  • shine-through light option in processing position

Areas of use

  • microassembly
  • desktop factory applications
  • equipment systems
  • miniature components
  • electronic components

Serial palletisers for JEDEC-pallets

The standard design of the smallSTACK palletiser processes pallets in JEDEC format. You may choose between a complete solution with product handling or the basic system without product handling. The smallSTACK is the ideal palletiser for the semi-conductor industry.


Technical data

pallet size JEDEC-Trays 322.6 mm x 136 mm
pallet height JEDEC-Trays 5 mm ... 30 mm
pallet weight max. 500 g
stacking height 400 mm
pallet change time < 5 seconds