The pallet system ecoSTACK is designed for low and middle part weights. Its operation method is optimally suitable for the integration into systems with existing product handlings, e.g. for injection moulding machines with removal handling. By dint of the special design a protective cover is not needed in the pallet stacking area. All used components are self-made and have proved successful in the market for many years now. As a result you receive a safe and effective system for your palletising task.


  • environmentally compatible and energy-saving working method since no compressed air is used
  • power costs for single-shift operation < 20.00 Euro / year
  • lower vibration from stable welding frame
  • ergonomic height
  • loading and emptying possible continually
  • no protective housing in the pallet stacking range
  • suitable for connection to present product handlings or robots

Technical data

* further sizes on request
pallet size min. (L x W x H)* 300 x 400 x 20 mm (Euro/8)
pallet size max. (L x W x H)* 600 x 400 x 150 mm (Euro/4)
stack weight max. 60 kg
pallet change time < 4 seconds
control Beckhoff 7" Panel-PC CP67xx


  • flexible increase of the autonomous runtime by buffer expansion
  • Integration of an IEF-Werner product handling, e.g. XYZ-axis system or swivel arm module rotaryARM
  • Simple implementation of elaborate material logistics (e.g. separation of OK, NOK and rework parts in different pallets) by placement of several systems next to each other
  • without control (control via digital I/Os)