Filling devices for chemicals


The XYZ bottling device was developed to bottle chemicals in ampoules of different dimensions and volumes. The plant comprises of 3-axis handling system with replaceable dosage heads, collection tray with insert for rack and cardboard box filling, light curtain, control as well as control cabinet.


  • Racks with two types of ampoules (50 ampoules à 170 ml or 100 ampoules à 60 ml)
  • Boxes with bottles (144 bottles à 30 ml)
  • Manual supply of the racks or boxes on a special receptacle
  • Presence query by sensor before bottling
  • Automatic bottling by dosage head after selection of the type-specific programme
  • Double dosage head for bottles
  • Simple, manual change of the type-dependent dosage heads

Technical data

Stroke X-axis (module 115/42) 510 mm
Stroke Y-axis (module 65/15 in parallel design) 400 mm
Stroke Z-axis (profiLINE 70 AL) 180 mm
Number of ampoules or bottle types 3
Cycle time handling < 2 seconds
Dimensions total plant (L x W x H) 1200 x 1000 x 2195 cm