Fully automatic handling and testing system for springs

testing system for springs | IEF-Werner
testing system for springs | IEF-Werner
testing system for springs with servo press aiPRESS | IEF-Werner
testing system for springs | IEF-Werner
testing system for springs | IEF-Werner
testing system for springs with servo press aiPRESS | IEF-Werner


The handling and testing system has the task of fully automatically testing disc springs for their exact characteristics after punching, separating the good parts from the reject parts and feeding the good parts into further production.

Via a conveyor system the stamped disc springs are transported to a spiral cup conveyor which separates them. The linear unit of the euroLINE 120 series with four independent carriages acts as a transport axis for the disc springs to the next stations. The special feature: On the euroLINE 120 several carriages can be moved independently of each other. Thus, several springs can be fed and discharged simultaneously in the following stations. Four carriages gently push the disc springs to the respective stations. Before they can be tested, the disc springs must first be preloaded. A slide pushes and positions the disc spring under the first servo press of the aiPRESS series. This loads the spring with a force required to bring it into a defined shape. After the spring is inserted, the second slide pushes two components in a double cycle to two further servo presses of the same series. These test presses conduct a defined measuring load between 16 and 32 Newton and then measure the height. In the next step, the systems relieve the spring. In the force measuring unit, a parameter switchover is made to measure the test force (200 to 7,000 Newton) depending on the height measured previously.

In order to monitor the process and display the progress graphically, IEF-Werner has equipped the servo press series with the intelligent force-displacement monitor aiQ-CONTROL. In addition, the system transmits the measured values via a so-called Q-DAS interface to a QA system.


  • integration with customer's conveyor system
  • processing of different product types which differ extremely in their characteristic values
  • euroLINE 120 with four independent carriages as transport axis to the different stations
  • 3 servo presses of the aiPRESS 15 series for automatic testing of the characteristic values
  • defined measuring load of the test presses between 16 N and 32 N
  • force/path monitor aiQ-CONTROL includes various functions such as envelopes and force/path barriers for monitoring the measured variables
  • Q-DAS interface to a QA system for transmission of the measured values
  • automatic separation of good and reject parts

Technical data direct drive euroLINE 120

total length 2057 mm
number of slides 4
effective stroke 1347 mm
max. travel speed 5 m/s
measuring system (absolute) Endat 2.2
resolution measuring system 0.001 µm
repeat accuracy +/- 0.005 mm

Technical data servo press aiPRESS

aiPRESS 15
press force 0-15 kN
opening 230 mm
stroke 125 mm
max. travel speed 150 mm/s

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