ZXX positioning system in stainless steel design

Vertical axis with two independently programmable horizontal axes

When producing contact lenses, this stainless steel handling is used to put down the lenses in workpiece carriers. The lenses are routed from the production plant to the positioning system by water though lines. The lines are placed above the workpiece carrier with gripping arms. Several plants for this wet chemical process were delivered.


  • Z = 180 mm
  • X1 = 135 mm
  • X2 = 135 mm (customer-specific)


  • extremely compact positioning system
  • repeat accuracy +/- 0.02 mm
  • resistant against high humidity
  • spindle, guide, toothed discs: Stainless steel or special coating
  • integrated collision switch for monitoring X1 and X2
  • max. load 15 kg per carriage

Areas of use

  • medical technology
  • pharmaceutics
  • bio-medicine
  • solar technology