The palletising system is used for the loading of blister trays with pharmaceutical products.
In the first step an empty tray is separated, removed from the stock drawer with in total approx. 50 empty trays and brought into loading position. Afterwards pre-assembled components are removed from a prefixed module by a product handling with 4-fold vacuum gripper and placed down in the pallets rotated by 90°. In parallel with this product handling cycle, a further empty tray is separated and handed over to a shuttle. At the end the tray serves as cover for the packaging unit, consisting of two loaded trays and one empty cover tray. While the palletising system loads the provided trays with 88 components each, the cover tray is transferred to the stacking station and piled up there. As soon as the first tray is fully loaded it is transported to the stacking station as well and placed below the empty cover tray there. When one packaging unit is complete it is transferred to the end of the transport belt and removed there by the operator.



  • suitable for cleanrooms of ISO class 8
  • processing of extremely thin and not very dimensionally stable single-use trays
  • integration to customer-specific rotary indexing table
  • Profinet interface for the communication with customer-specific system
  • 4-fold vacuum gripper with rotary unit
  • buffer belt for four packaging units

Technical data

pallet size (L x W x H ) 470 x 350 x 24.8 mm
pallet changing time < 5 seconds
motor system synchronous servo motor with brake
control Siemens S7 with TP700 comfort operating panel