Application example: Imprinting

In this application the servo press aiPRESS 36 is used for reliable and reproducible stamping. The force range of the press reaches up to 36 kN. The process visualisation aiLIGHT with energy-efficient, glare-free four-colour LED technology signals the quality of each press result. The operator is thus immediately provided with all information necessary for operating the machine. For a more detailed view of the pressing result, a view of the control console is of course necessary despite the aiLIGHT. The force-displacement monitor with the ergonomic and user-friendly software aiQ-CONTROL displays the pressing processes graphically in real time and monitors the progress. 

Application example to test springs

The demo application to test springs consists of a combination of different IEF-Werner standard components. A 3-axes handling is installed in the application. This handling system with gripper picks up the springs, which are to be tested, from a nc-turning table DT 80/100, which is used as material buffer. The springs are inspectet of a camera. A combination of the manual adjusters domiLINE is doing the fine-tuning of the camera. The handling places the spring in the servo press aiPRESS, which carries out the testing and transmits the results to the in-house IEF-Werner control PA-CONTROL. The application has in total 2 controls. The PA-CONTROL communicates with the aiPRESS-control via a TCP/IP protocol.

Servo presse aiPRESS

The aiPRESS-servo press is used to produce precise and reproducible joints. It is suitable for integration into plants but can also be used as a stand-alone system. An automatic protective cover is integrated. The conventional quill guide is replaced by a precision-guide with ball screw spindle.