aiQ-CONTROL | IEF-Werner


  • control
  • user interface
  • envelope curves, windows and force-path barriers


Force measurement chain | IEF-Werner

Force measurement chain

expansion of the measurable accuracy to < 1% of the force range

Position sensor | IEF-Werner

Position sensor

expansion of positioning accuracy to < 0.002 mm

Protective cover | IEF-Werner

Protective cover

  • protective cover made of polycarbonate
  • safety switch 
  • pneumatic lifting cylinder


Worktable | IEF-Werner


  • supports
  • control cabinet
  • main switch and network socket


Electric height adjustable worktable | IEF-Werner

Electric height adjustable worktable

  • lift table (max. 400 kg)
  • electric height-adjustment
  • 4 height profiles can be stored
  • control cabinet with main switch
  • network socket


Compressed air / vacuum supply | IEF-Werner

Compressed air / vacuum supply

  • directly at pressing quill
  • automatic deactivation at closed vacuum
  • carried along across the entire stroke range


Turntable | IEF-Werner


  • tool holder below
  • 180° swivel range


Turntable | IEF-Werner


  • tool holder below
  • tool holder at the top
  • pneumatic opening automatic
  • 180° swivel range


aiLIGHT | IEF-Werner


Thanks to the LED process visualisation the operator does not need any information of the user interface.

aiSTART | IEF-Werner


The start button allows to start the joining process in close proximity to the working area.

Drawer system | IEF-Werner

Drawer system

The drawer system is the solution when it comes to ergonomic loading of the press.