Technical data

transmission 40:1
max. input speed 2800 rpm
max. output speed 70 rpm
max. input torque 1.25 Nm
max. output torque 20 Nm
concentricity 0.02 mm
axial run-out 0.02 mm
reverse play ± 0.05°
max. tipping torque 20 Nm
max. centric power intake in standstill 1000 N
necessary breakaway torque 0.05 Nm
max. external mass inertia 300 kgcm²
weight without servo motor 1.41 kg

IEF standard servo motor

motor rated torque 0.32 Nm
permanent output torque 5.2 Nm
peak output torque 10.4 Nm
max. output speed at 24V 37.5 rpm
max. output speed at 48V 70 rpm
resolution 0.05°
repeat accuracy reference point 0.0025°
flange size 40 x 40
motor shaft Ø 8 mm

DT 80/100 - accessories

Reference point switch

Technical data

Assembly possible on both sides of the rotary table. Further reference point switches available on request
functional principle inductive
repeat accuracy reference point 0,025°
fixing thread at the rotary table M5x0.5
standard output signal PNP n/o contact
standard plug connection M8x1-S49

Belt gear

Technical data

gear ratio 1:1
max. input speed 2800 U/min
max. input torque 1.25 Nm
Toothing AT 5
compatible motors AM301… / AKM1…

Motor assembly variants