Rotating units DT-series

IEF rotating units of the DT series comprise of stainless steel and aluminium. They are available in many different designs. The rotary tables DT 80/100, DT 100/140 and DT 160/200 are designed for motor-powered operation. They work with a high-quality screw gear, with a reverse play which can be minimised by supply of the screw wheel. The hollow shaft gives the constructor additional space for putting hoses and cables.

Features DT

  • motor-powered
  • inductive reference point switch
  • high axial load resilience
  • drive torque up to 80 Nm


Corresponding motor flanges incl. pluggable coupling systems are available for attachement of step or servo drives. A pluggable reference point switch is used for motors with a resolver system.



  • TP-series

    The rotary table TP 004 is a simply designed turning unit of high-quality gear and with drive motor as a main component. It is equipped with an inductive reference switch by default. It can be delivered with different transmissions.

    • best adjustment to required torques or rotating speeds
    • simple assembly of motors
    • high resilience



  • miniTURN-series

    The miniTURN-series is a compact rotating unit with low weight. It was specifically developed for quick and precise positioning of small parts. The unit can be used both alone or in combination with linear units. Typical areas of use of the rotary tables are measuring technology, micro-assembly and the semi-conductor industry.

    • flexible assembly options
    • high-performance, precise system
    • freely programmable
    • central hollow shaft

Linear drives

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