Pneumatic gripper, turning & Sliding modules

Pneumatic gripper modules | IEF-Werner

Gripper modules


  • available in three sizes
  • both outer and inner clamping
  • gripping force protection
  • precise attachment of the gripper fingers by indexing at the finger receptacles
  • combination of gripper and drive possible


Pneumatic turning modules | IEF-Werner

Turning modules


  • adjustable swivel angle
  • confirmable end stops
  • hydraulic shock absorbers
  • high absorption forces of the bearings
  • dampening and confirmation of intermediate positions


Pneumatic sliding modules | IEF-Werner

Sliding modules


  • sophisticated linear elements
  • stable guides
  • standardised attachment bores with highly accurate centrings
  • unlimited combination options



You will find further information about the accessories e.g. column support, hollow column or mounting angle from page 149 in the complete catalogue.

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