Structure & functionality

The external slide

The external slide is the first element of a domiLINE slide unit. The length of the external slide is standardised or customised.

The internal slide

The internal slide is the guide holder and the second element of a domiLINE slide unit. In addition there are two high quality guide shafts made of V2A. Surface-hardened guide surfaces ensure high load ratings and favourable friction values. Inductive switches can be easily installed from a slide width of 80 mm or more. The length of the internal slide is customised or standardised as it is the case as well with the external slide. The length difference between internal and external slide results in the stroke.

Example stroke calculation domiLINE 80

Internal slide L = 170 mm, external slide L = 120 mm -> stroke = 50 mm

The low-play drive

The low-play drive of domiLINE is realised by a precise steel spindle, made of V2A with preloaded plastic nut, installed in ball bearings in an end plate. The plastic nut is applicable for temperature ranges from –20°C to +80°C.

The pitches are

  • domiLINE 30 = 0.5 mm
  • domiLINE 50 = 1 mm
  • domiLINE 80 = 1 or 2 mm
  • domiLINE 120 = 1 or 2 mm

Exact positioning is performed with an adjustment knob which has a 0.05 mm scale. If you require a simple solution the spindle can be omitted. The outer slide is positioned manually and fixed with a clamping lever.