Position indicators type M - mechanical

Assembly variant AV 1

Technical data

Pos. 30 adjusting knob 50 Hand wheel 50 adjusting knob 80 Hand wheel 80 adjusting knob 120 Hand wheel 120 adjusting knob
A 33 47 47 50,5 50,5 56 56
B 54 95,5 65,5 122 70,5 143,5 85
C 22 33 33 33 33 33 33
D / 8,5 / 20 / 20 /
E 0 4 4 0 0 0  

Assembly possibilities

Mechanical position indicators

Functional principle of the measuring device

The position indicator is equipped with a hollow shaft, which is stuck directly onto the spindle. The spindle rotation is conveyed with a gear drive to a counter. To use this principle it is necessary that the position indicator is provided with a torque support. For this a pin of the housing sticks out into a drilling hole which is applied to the machine-side. The hollow shaft is connected to the spindle with an adjusting/pressure screw.

Type of counter

Position indicators with a directly driven counter are structurally not only very simple and therefore functionally reliable, but also very precise measuring instruments. The digital display allows a quick and accurate reading and setting of the respective position. These position indicators are suitable for installation in any position, however, require a machine side torque support (Stationary System). They are also suitable for motor-driven spindles (max. speed standard sheet see tables).

Selection of the counter

In general, the selection of the counter is determined by the pitch of the lead screw. Parameter is the display value after one revolution of the 0-position. However, the counter usually displays one decimal place marked red, with some climbs two places. The counter is also available in the variants of increasing number values by turning right (clockwise) or left (counterclockwise).