Basic class

easyLINE | Module 105 | Module 142

The basic class of the IEF linear modules permits cost-efficient positioning for many applications. The thousandfold proven, robust and low-maintenance linear modules are ideally suitable for pick & place applications where speed and cycle time do not need to meet the highest requirements. A low overall height and small overall dimensions permit space-saving constructions.


  • integrated inductive limit switches to avoid additional wiring effort
  • variable motor attachment for adjustment to special situations
  • toothing and shaft connection in one piece - ensures zero backlash over the entire service life
  • all shaft-hub-connections are designed with force-locking connection elements
  • comprehensive assembly material permits cost-efficient combinations



Premium class

Module 65/15 | Module 80/15 | Module 115/42 | Module 160/15

The premium class of the IEF linear units combines compact constructions with high performance data. These linear units meet the high requirements to speed and precision of modern assembly and production lines.


  • hollow-chamber extruded profile made of aluminium ensures high torsional and bending stiffness
  • integrated guide for the use even in moderately contaminated environment
  • guide elements maintenance-free up to 10,000 km
  • silent operation by ball-chain technology
  • shaft-hub-connections without fitted key assure lifelong zero backlash at highest precision
  • 50 mm wide toothed belt permits high accelerations and speeds at short cycle times
  • integrated inductive limit switches on a single plug ensure minimum wiring and installation effort - additional reference point switch on request
  • simple attachment with clamping elements ensures cost-efficient and rational setup of multiple-axis handling systems


Guide stiffness in comparison