Functionality multiple-axis-combination 160/15 GPA

Technical data

stroke (stroke increments 100 mm) 100 - 5500 mm
weight at 100 mm stroke 25 kg
weight increase per 100 mm stroke 2.1 kg
max. movement speed 5 m/s
repeat accuracy +/- 0.05 mm
toothed belt width 50 mm
tensile strength 4200 N
geometrical moment of inertia of the basic body Ix 1,196,016 mm4 / Iy 8,689,482 mm4


Load information

C1 2000 N
C2 1000 N
Mx 150 Nm
My 150 Nm
Mz 150 Nm

Parallel drive version

Motor assembly variants paralell drive

Assembly parallel drive

Module 160/15 GPA - Accessories

Levelling elements

These elements are ideal for the levelling of assembly surfaces which cannot be mechanically processed or only with great effort. You can find more information and helpful tutorials here.