Unlimited combination possibilities

With the proven IEF positioning systems countless applications can be realised with minimal design effort. This allows a fast project implementation with already perfectly compatible components.

Your design and planning effort is significantly reduced. Within a very short time we create an offer for you about a positioning system with your desired requirements.

We have thought of everything

With IEF-Werner you receive your individual positioning system - completely built up and delivered ready to use. Thereby, our service includes everything that is necessary to produce a turnkey complete system for you:

  • calculation of the required performance data
  • dimensioning of engines and gearboxes
  • determination of the optimal drive concept (toothed belt, spindle, direct)
  • installation, programming, commissioning and testing
  • transport and final assembly at your premises
  • worldwide service & maintenance

How to save construction effort

The selection of the "right" linear system is based on following factors:

  • dynamics (cycle time)
  • load (availability)
  • mass to be moved (payload)
  • repeat accuracy
  • environmental conditions at the operation site

With our comprehensive product portfolio we are able to meet almost every requirement and serve various industries.

Each drive technology thereby has its particular advantages:

  • Toothed belt axes are quick and can run over long distances.
  • Spindle axes have a high positioning and repeat accuracy. Furthermore they are able to move large masses.
  • Linear axes with direct drive are extremely fast and accurate. Speeds of up to 5 meters per second can be realised. Direct drive axes even have a positioning and repeat accuracy of up to 0.001 mm.