NC-rotary unit DT 80/100

The basic construction consists of a rotary table DT 80/100. For the NC-operation per stepper or servo motor, corresponding motor flanges incl. pluggable coupling systems are available. For motors with resolver system, a reference point switch is used.



  • output torque up to 20 Nm
  • inductive reference point switch
  • high axial load

Swivel arm module rotaryARM

The swivel arm module rotaryARM in connection with Module 60/33 is a very fast pick-&-place system for all tasks that require quick and precise automation solutions. It has a range of 297, 399 or 537 mm.



  • [Translate to Englisch:] NC-swivel arm module with optional gripper turning
  • endless turning at swivel axis and gripper turning
  • short cycle time by overlaying speed of swivel arm and linear axis
  • rotary feedthrough for pneumatics and electrics integrated in swivel arm and gripper turning, thus no external energy guiding necessary
  • servo motors with high-resolution absolute value encoders
  • large stiffness and low net weight

planetary gear with motor

mechanic stopper