Guide system for energy chains

In the automation technology it is necessary to lead energy lines in a controlled manner, for example to an electric cabinet. Generally it includes motor cables, signal lines but also pneumatic tubes. To achieve a long operating life of the power lines, usually they are led away with standard energy chains.

When using power chains - especially at higher speeds - an enormously disturbing noise arises. This is caused by the polygon effect of the chain links that occurs when unrolling the energy chain on the supporting surface.

With the noiseLESS system these noises are reduced - by the use of effective damping elements - by more than 20 decibel. This results in a much quieter environment, which allows concentrated working.


A, B, C and E depend on the energy chain used in each case (suitable for various energy chains from Igus, Murrplastik etc.).

Simple and individual installation

noiseLESS profiles can easily be sawed off and thus get the desired length. By means of connecting webs the noiseLESS profiles can be linked easily. For that purpose standard sliding blocks, that can be inserted at any position, are used.


With energy guiding chains abrasive erosion inevitably occurs at the power lines. By the insertion of a cover strip in the groove, the space between two noiseLESS
profiles can be closed. Thereby the abrasive erosion is kept away from the interior of the machine.


The energy guiding chain is fixed by the use of flat groove stones. This allows an arbitrary fastening position - without mechanical processing.