Linear drives

Linearantriebe Spindelantriebe | IEF-Werner

Spindle drives

Maximum load

Spindle drives combine large strokes with high precision at high strain.

  • strokes up to 1700 mm
  • recommended maximum handling weight up to 250 kg
  • speed up to 1,2 m/s
  • up to +/- 0.003 mm repeat accuracy


Linear drives Toothed belt drive | IEF-Werner

Toothed belt drives

Maximum distance

Toothed belt drives are ideal for handling light-weight to heavy components across large distances. 

  • strokes up to 6560 mm
  • load up to 1500 N
  • speed up to 5 m/s
  • up to +/- 0,04 mm repeat accuracy
Linear drives Direct drives | IEF-Werner

Direct drives

Maximum dynamics

Direct drives are suitable for quick handling with highest precision.

  • strokes up to 3700 mm
  • load up to 500 N
  • speed up to 5 m/s
  • accelerations up to 70 m/s²
  • up to +/- 0.003 mm repeat accuracy
Linear drives Cantilever axes | IEF-Werner

Cantilever axes

The modules are powered using toothed belts or spindle drives. Depending on design, they are also suitable for higher loads in vertical drive.

Linear drives Multiple axis combinations | IEF-Werner

Multiple axis combinations

Multiple axis combinations allow Cartesian movements in at least two directions. Multiple axis combinations usually are faster and lighter than conventionally combined axes.



Energy chain system

When using power chains - especially at higher speeds - an enormously disturbing noise arises. The noiseLESS system reduces these noises by up to 20 decibel.


Levelling elements

Levelling elements are specifically suitable for applications where precise adjustment is required. They consist of a levelling screw (fine thread) and a ball screw.


Control technology

Through the combination of our perfectly coordinated linear units with the IEF power electronics and IEF control technology, our positioning systems can be tailored exactly to your needs.


Control cabinets

  • complete installation of the IEF-control components in a functional control cabinet
  • different versions for 1-2 or 3-5 axes

Standard motors

IEF-Werner has a wide range of servo motors with different feedback systems at its disposal, e.g. resolver or multiturn absolute encoder. However, on request we also prepare axes for the assembly of your own motors.