Open and closed contours can be processed. Graphical tool selection possible.




Milling strategies

Click to activate different startup and shutdown versions and cleaning out.


Automatic contour tracking in 2D and 3D

To specify the processing paths and generate contours, start and end points, as well as the contour direction can be defined. The contour is tracked automatically. Contour errors are automatically cleared by trimming.

Layer technology

The layer technology permits filtering out of the relevant drawing information and at the same time definition of new layers.


Setting zero point

The workpiece coordinate system can be redefined. The position of the point of origin and the alignment of the coordinate axes can be adjusted to the clamping conditions.


Contour optimisation for design data

Writing and contours can be assumed and edited after DXF/PLT conversion.


Writing and contours can be assumed and edited after DXF/PLT conversion.

Automatic contour clearance with circle or corner supplementation is possible.


Post processor

Generation of NC programmes for the PA-CONTROL control family with programme head and programme end as well as attributes for any contour element.

CNC-control programme for the PA-CONTROL

3 steps from CAD to CNC

  • tracking contour
  • generating tool track
  • filly automatic programme generation


Track contours

  • adhesive application
  • processing, milling, etc.
  • laser processing
  • water-jet cutting


  • palletising
  • drilling
  • pin setting
  • screwing

High-performance CAD functions

The construction of surfaces based on edge curves (regular surfaces, freeform surfaces) is possible as well as the definition of drilling patterns or contours. The generation of standard contours such as circle, rectangle, ellipse and text contours are supported. Contours can be smoothed with the spline function. If contours are available as sequences of short line pieces, they can be converted into curves with the "circle sequence" function.


Input formats: DXF, PLT


Quick adjustment, such as special parameter assignment for drilling and milling subprogrammes is possible. It is beneficial for the users that a CNC programme specific for his plant and control is generated.


Comprehensive service functions

Zooming, multiple-window technology, group formation, copying, scaling, mirroring, turning and many others.