The power supply NT5-80 was developed for the supply of electric drives with an intermediate circuit voltage of 80 VDC. An active ballast circuit prevents the formation of inadmissible high voltages (generator operation) during braking. Short peak loads, as appearing during acceleration, are quickly compensated. An extensive diagnostic display provides information about the condition of the power supply.

Technical data

storage temperature -10 … +65°C
operating temperature 0 … 40°C
condensation not allowed
protection type IP30
protection class 1
weight 1.2 kg
input voltage 90 … 230 VAC
input frequency range 47 ... 63 Hz
power factor > 0,95 @ 300 W
activation surge current (230V) < 20 A @ first start
output voltage 80 VDC
output current 5 A max.
output power 400 W, temporarily 500 W
short circuit current limited to 5A