AC-servo motors are characterised by an evenly high torque curve to the rated speed. They are overload-capable. The rotating movement is performed continually and is controlled by a positioning control. The resolution depends on the return system used. Commutation of AC-servo motors takes place electronically and therefore maintenance-free.


  • rotating speed up to 3000 or 4500 or 6000 rpm
  • high dynamics
  • vibration-free running

Servo motors with one cable technology

The one cable technology with Hyperface DSL is currently the key topic in the world of drive technology. Hyperface DSL is the first purely digital interface that gets along with only two wires and thus can transfer data solidly and without interferences in a hybrid motor cable. Thereby the communication is modulated onto the supply voltage of the motor feedback system. Besides a particular cable shielding, special procedures ensure that the encoder signal is decoupled from the disturbances on the motor power cable and can be transmitted without interferences.


  • reduction of the wiring effort
  • no encoder cable necessary
  • cost saving due to less cables and smaller cable carriers