Control PA-CONTROL Touch | IEF-Werner

PA-CONTROL Touch (discontinued)

Positioning and sequential control

  • for servo or stepper motors
  • for up to 16 axes
  • touch panel and NC-control in one device
  • 47 parallel programmes with subprogramme technology


Power amplifiers

Power amplifiers LV-servoTEC S2 | IEF-Werner

LV-servoTEC S2 FS

Digital AC servo amplifier

  • suitable for servo drives up to 570 VDC
  • integrated positioning control
  • output power up to 12 kVA
  • connection to superordinate controls via analogue, digital or serial interfaces and field buses
  • control via digital I/Os
  • integrated CAN interface
  • Profibus DP optionally
  • safe torque off (STO)


Parameter setting and diagnostic programme S2 Commander | IEF-Werner

S2 Commander

Parameter setting and diagnostic programme

  • suitable for servo amplifiers LV-servoTEC S2
  • simple configuration of all controller parameters
  • automatic detection of the connected servo controller
  • automatic motor identification



Stepper motors | IEF-Werner

Stepper motors

  • max. holding torques of 0.05 Nm to 6.7 Nm
  • motors with encoder / brake
  • 2- and 3-phase technology


AC-Servo motors | IEF-Werner

AC-Servo motors

  • max. holding torques of 0.3 Nm to 8.4 Nm
  • motors with brake and resolver
  • absolute encode
  • also available with one cable technology


Decentral servo drives | IEF-Werner

Decentral servo drives

  • motor with integrated servo amplifier and resolver
  • without control cabinet (IP 54)
  • controlling via digital I/O with separate I/O-box


Cable connections | IEF-Werner

Cable connections

  • motor cable
  • encoder cable
  • limit switch cable
  • I/O cable
  • AS interface cable


Control cabinets | IEF-Werner

Control cabinets

  • complete installation of the IEF-control components in a functional control cabinet
  • different versions for 1-2 or 3-5 axes


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