We took this letter as a reason to inform you about the delivering situation of the PA-CONTROL type CPU4 including the associated options. Throughout the last years the CPU4-version of the PA-CONTROL was increasingly substituted by more modern and efficient control products, as for example the PA-CONTROL Touch or PA-CONTROL ipo.
Also in the area of stepper and servomotor controls, our power output stage LE3-80/LE8-80 as well as the servo amplifiers of the servoTEC-S2-FS series substituted the previous CPU4-stepper motor cards.
Due to the advanced life span of the PA-CONTROL CPU4 product family, supplier-components are increasingly unavailable. In order to guarantee an adequate spare parts-availability, we have to inform you that the following products can only be ordered at IEF-Werner until the end of 2017.

  • PA-CONTROL Control device
  • PA-CONTROL Single
  • PA-CONTROL Compact
  • LV-Single
  • LV-Unit
  • PA-CONTROL Smart

We are pleased to help you with information regarding the change to our current control products.



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