We all face the challenge of thinking about other ways of communicating due to current situation. We would like to meet the demand to be active as problem solvers for our customers also in this time.

We are pleased that we can advise you directly via all digital channels, via e-mail, telephone, or Microsoft Teams Meeting. Our experts can be reached via a variety of options. Do not hesitate and get in touch with us.

We look forward to hearing from you - your IEF-Werner Team



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Our innovations compactly arranged in one brochure - see here.

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IEF-Werner enlarges its servo press series aiPRESS with a joining module:

Simple to Highly Complex

 “JM” is short for Joining Module and is the abbreviation for the new version of the proven servo press series aiPRESS. The user can adapt the outreach to the application; he is able to install it vertically or upside down and for example attach it to turning tables, sliding tables or to clocked systems. The component is available in three sizes like the basic series. Simple as well as highly complex joining processes can be realised fast and effectively with this IEF...

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We took this letter as a reason to inform you about the delivering situation of the servo amplifier flexmoTEC E1130 including the associated options. Because of the advanced life cycle of the servo amplifier, the supplier components are increasingly unavailable.
In order to ensure a sufficient parts-availability, we have to inform you that the following product can only be ordered at IEF-Werner until March, 31st 2019.

  • flexmoTEC E1130

We are pleased to help you with information regarding...

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Making New Discoveries by Researching

New products, demanding system solutions and precise range of services are the basis in order to compete successfully in the international competition. Being a “knowledge society”, which is mirrored in the company and researching sustainably, is essential.

The “donor’s association for the German economy”, founded in 1920, honours regularly creative, researching companies with a special seal of approval for their particular research efforts.

In the year 2018/2019 IEF-Werner is part of the...

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We took this letter as a reason to inform you about the delivering situation of the PA-CONTROL type CPU4 including the associated options. Throughout the last years the CPU4-version of the PA-CONTROL was increasingly substituted by more modern and efficient control products, as for example the PA-CONTROL Touch or PA-CONTROL ipo.
Also in the area of stepper and servomotor controls, our power output stage LE3-80/LE8-80 as well as the servo amplifiers of the servoTEC-S2-FS series substituted the...

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